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Today’s competitive era demands convenience for customers. And at Smart Energy Management System, we provide customers with the very convenience they require in the form of timely information for energy consumption management.
Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) introduces Prepayment plans for efficient energy management for both utilities and their customers. With your financial comfort kept in mind, Smart Energy’s prepaid solutions offers you greater degree of control and cost savings on your energy bills in a comfortable way.
Our prepaid solutions allow customers to realize how much energy they are consuming and keep track of the associated expenses rather than wait for the end-of-month energy bill. The Pay As You Go system gives you the ability to keep an eye out on your current account balance at any point in time thereby providing greater control over managing expenses for the rest of the month.
SEMS sends texts or email alerts to its customers alerting them of their electricity usage, how much has been spent the previous day and how much balance is left in the prepaid account. This information is pretty useful to customers as they can then make necessary lifestyle changes if required.
Benefits of SEMS’s Prepayment Plan
Prepayment plans turn out to be better as they lead to higher levels of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The best part is that the service depends on the customer behavior pattern. Energy service plans can be accommodated to individual means and lifestyles.
Immediate Access to Information:
Smart Meter Display gives energy usage information and account balances that can be accessed anytime.
Customer Needs First
Consumers can buy meter credit in amounts they want and when they want according to their unique resources and cash flow situation.
Support of Complex Rate Structures
Prepaid customers can take advantage of incentivized pricing structures because our program offers support to TOU and complex rate structures.
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